Machine Guns & Motorcycles – ” We Are The 99 “

We are excited to share with you the New Music Video for the song “We Are the 99″ by Indianapolis band, Machine Guns & Motorcycles.
Machine Guns & Motorcycles have been playing together for less than a year and are already making serious waves in the Indianapolis, Indiana music scene.  Their Debut Album, “Welcome To The New Revolution”, produced by Paul Mayhern (Zero Boys/Lily & Madeleine), was released October 2013, and the band has already taken the Midwest by storm, by winning the Punk Rock Night award for “Best Live Rock and Roll Act of 2013″ and sharing the stage with such noted acts such as Faster Pussycat and Straight Line Stitch.  
Machine Guns & Motorcycles is vocalist/guitarist Wayne Griffith, bassist John Zeps (Transgression/IceNine/UnitedStatesThree), drummer Mark Cutsinger(ZeroBoys/UnitedStatesThree) and guitarist Dave Lawson (Zero Boys/IceNine).
The song, “We Are the 99″, draws inspiration from the Occupy Wall Street Movement and those who were brutalized by riot police in multiple cities across America.

We Are Hex – “Lewd Nudie Animals”


Recorded live at Queensize Twin-Air Studios in Indianapolis.


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Sturgill Simpson


Family of the Year


A few words about Family of the Year.

Lily & Madeleine – “Back To The River” (Featuring Shannon Hayden)


We first had heard of Lily and Madeleine we were watching a black and white youtube video circulating around on facebook and the from the first note to the last, we were enamored with their performance.

The pure sounds of their voices makes me think of times when life was simple and innocent. Lily and Madeleine have quickly become an overnight success on YouTube at the ages of 16 and 18 years old. They both currently live in Indianapolis and attend high school there too. You can imagine our excitement we felt when we were being asked to shoot a live video for their first live performance at the Do317 Lounge in Indianapolis. We were so happy to collaborate with Do317, MOKB and Spencer Hooks of House Cat Studios.

This performance was the second sold out show of the evening and the energy in the room was electric. The opening act was Shannon Haydon who also makes a guest appearance playing cello for the song “Back to the River”. Shannon is a very sout after cello player, having studied at Yale. It was something special to have the calaber of a musician perform her magic with Lily and Madeleine. This was the last song they played during the show, but this performance was special. Almost from the first note, I felt a lump in the back of my throat and my eyes became teary, that’s the first time that ever happened while shooting a live performance. At that very moment I realized that there was something very special about these girls. These girls have a very bright future.

The Gates of Slumber


The Wood Brothers


Walk The Moon


J.J. Grey


Night Moves – “Country Queen”


Crushed Out


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